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Welcome Cool Housewife

We love every new day! A new day gives us travel and pleasant friendship meetings. We are open to new ideas and new incredible events. No matter what!

Amamos cada dia! Nos da la oportunidad de buscar y encontrarnos con nuestros amigos y amigas, estamos abiertas a nuevos e increíbles eventos, a toda costa, la pasaremos bien!

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Girl´s Room Decor Ideas. A Princess Tale! La Historia del Dormitorio de la Princesa!

When I was a little girl, I often dreamed that I lived in this big castle, my former house had interior gardens, with hanging plants and romantic flowers, so this situation helped my imagination a lot! So, my mom used…

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You might have this for breakfast to increase activity.

Hello everyone, for all of those who know me already, practically know that I am a HEALTH FREAK, well, just sometimes, but almost all of the time I am on the search of the tips and tricks of a well…

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I´ll be home for Christmas

  So, preparing everything from the brunch, luncheon, dinner, snacks, Santa´s Cookies and prepping the last nook and cranny in the house, it all seems some kind of Mission Impossible for  a lot of us, even if we had the…

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A Long Weekend in London with Friends

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Ever been to London? Well, I can just tell that I went to London for the first time in my life two years ago, with the best company I could ever ask for, we had…

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How to change your life with Travel

HOW LIFE CHANGES WITH TRAVEL actually, your attitude, culture, taste, psicology and even thankfulness…. read on and find how lige changes these 10 areas of your life! Knownledge You start noticing different traditions and your brain will start thinking about…

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How to care about lovely spring plants? Cuida de tus plantas de primavera.

Delightful remarkably delicate and announcing themselves  favourable to new gardens and interiors. We just love spring plants, they are full of color, delight, and the beautiful song of spring and new life approaching. Spring plants need a balance between temperatures…

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Typography Post

Some people just like what lettering is up to these days, there are plenty of beautiful, yet not easy ways to achieve these posters to place in special places all over your house! Chalk, paper, silk, cotton… all are great…

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Rose by Carte Noir

Cool & Perfect Pate a Choux Learn How To Make Perfect Pate a Choux with this Simple Picture Tutorial. This Basic Recipe will become a staple of your Pastry kitchen. You’ll be enjoying Cream Puffs, Profiteroles, Éclairs, and Gougeres in…

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