LAMB 101 English Version

How to Roast Lamb: A Beginner’s Guide   Hello AWESOME!!!  TODAY WE ARE ROASTING A GREAT PIECE OF LAMB, AND I COULD NOT HAVE PUT IT BETTER THAN THIS WAY. Best Cuts for Roasting     Leg of Lamb Whether on or off the bone, the leg of lamb is the ultimate winner for roasting. Consisting… Read More LAMB 101 English Version


Christmas Checklist Cards, Photographs, Memorabilia

-ENGLISH- Hello everyone, so we are now entering what in my house is known as ´The Christmas Season¨´hahaha… I know that in your house is called as well like that, but my little one, Javier, loves to go on saying that one, two, three times a day until he does not get tired! We all… Read More Christmas Checklist Cards, Photographs, Memorabilia


I´ll be home for Christmas

  So, preparing everything from the brunch, luncheon, dinner, snacks, Santa´s Cookies and prepping the last nook and cranny in the house, it all seems some kind of Mission Impossible for  a lot of us, even if we had the help we need, we are completely in the verge of a nervous breakdown. Ok, so,… Read More I´ll be home for Christmas