LAMB 101 English Version

How to Roast Lamb: A Beginner’s Guide   Hello AWESOME!!!  TODAY WE ARE ROASTING A GREAT PIECE OF LAMB, AND I COULD NOT HAVE PUT IT BETTER THAN THIS WAY. Best Cuts for Roasting     Leg of Lamb Whether on or off the bone, the leg of lamb is the ultimate winner for roasting. Consisting… Read More LAMB 101 English Version


CORDERO 101- Version Español

CORDERO AL HORNO: LA GUIA DE PRINCIPIANTES   Hola a todos los que quieren sorprender a sus invitados estas Fiestas de Fin de Año!  Bueno, pues, como sabrán me encanta cocinar y compartir mis recetas con todos! Asi, que hoy, les voy a compartir una receta muy tradicional en las mesas Europeas, Americanas del Norte… Read More CORDERO 101- Version Español


Christmas Checklist Cards, Photographs, Memorabilia

-ENGLISH- Hello everyone, so we are now entering what in my house is known as ´The Christmas Season¨´hahaha… I know that in your house is called as well like that, but my little one, Javier, loves to go on saying that one, two, three times a day until he does not get tired! We all… Read More Christmas Checklist Cards, Photographs, Memorabilia


Go on with gut!!!

As we all know… gut is what we need to do whatever we want to do, feed your will, feed your desire, feed your energy, speaking of which, Love, Power, Will and determination are key!   Enough said by now, stick to this and start drawing your path.


Organizing Kids Rooms

The start of school puts new demands on children’s bedrooms. Can the kids find clothing during the morning rush? Where will they do their homework? To kick off a new school year from an organized home, it’s time to declutter, deep-clean and organize children’s rooms. Working with your child, tackle kids’ rooms now for school-day… Read More Organizing Kids Rooms


Best Books to Set a Rigth Path

HI, have you ever wondered how good o bad you could be doing raising your child with your very own flaws or, have you ever been in awe after watching your kid act like a little you … the Mini Me of the Real Life Story of your Misses?, Well, let´s check out first our… Read More Best Books to Set a Rigth Path


Having a Cold? Casi con Gripa?

Ok, so, everytime, when least expected, a cold comes through the way, a fizzling sensation, a terrible headache, a horrendous coughing sensation and you, well, poor you, have everything on a to do list…. ok so, do not hesitate to prepare youself a natural cold remedy with these incredible recipes:   GRANNY´S TEA 1 liter… Read More Having a Cold? Casi con Gripa?