A Long Weekend in London with Friends

A Long Weekend in London with Friends

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Ever been to London? Well, I can just tell that I went to London for the first time in my life two years ago, with the best company I could ever ask for, we had one of the best times we could ever thought of having! We took an early flight form Prague to London, once we were in London, we would ask for a traditional <cab to take us to the hotel, we had a very good trip experiencing a top class black cab driver, to take us were our booking was made, two blocks form the London Eye! some blocks away from the Parliament, and Westminster Abby. The area was great, London is enormous, the metro stations are top on information and food is not as bad as they say, in fact, I´m going to tell you, I had one of the best hamburguers I´ve ever had in my life! The cold wind touched our face everytime we walked in the street, every now and then you can find some secret gardens, old small family cemeteries, and garden ivy growing all over in a very romantic way. First day we went walking all the area from the London Eye, crossed to the Parliament, and visited Westminster Abby, then crossed some streets to St. James Park, were we would find this beautiful garden and the big lake in the middle of it, were the little ducks, birds chirps and squirrels were all around us as we walked. We found a restaurant with lots and lots of handcrafted beautiful and delicious cakes, where, for me, the main attraction was the carrot cake, which just picturing it in my mind would fill my mound with tickling sense of desire to taste it again. Find the marvelous recipe on this blog under Carrot Cake, you will love it!!!   Ok, so back on our track, we walked and we walked until we got to Buckingham Palace, were we would see the marvelous Change of Guard as only the Military can do it with an impecable sense of perfectionism and up to the beat. Then, to continue our beautiful day, the stroll continued up to the Mall under a lot of beautiful tees and stone in our feet, as royal and antique as you could ever experiment, the wind in the trees and the sound of the nature conveying with the metroploi´s noise is as unique as the sites and the feel, I will never forget that special stroll and I would do it again and again everyday for the rest of my life!  We would end up walking through Pall Mall and finishing up to finding Picadilly Circus. We had a great day that day, the best part of it all was sharing some great talks while strolling in antique, yet quite elegant outdoors.


On our second day, we would have a Metro traveling experience, which I can tell you, London´s metro system is quite good and qite crammed, but, we had a great help with it arriving to The Tower of London, were we would investigate it, and have a lot of knownledge about the culture, we grabbed a bite in a quick restaurant which had the best quinoa salad, recipe on the link as well and some wraps and soup. We spent the morning and lunch in the Tower of London area and then we took the metro line to Oxford Street. In Oxford Street we walked through Liberty, one of the most emblematic Stores in London, if not, the most, as it was one of the first high luxury items stores in London. Oh, God, I so enjoyed so much that store, I saw hand painted silk scarves with lots of delicate liberty flower designs, flower arrangements, jewrly and handcrafted perfumes for your very own chemestry! Magical place!!!Then the small beautiful street took us right through Oxford Street, were shopping is absolutely a need. Perfumes, soaps, clothing, statement pieces, jewelry, stationey and luxury just ALL OVER! We took a small light dinner at one of the most famous cafes named after a musician, and had the best bites in town, each, a piece of art that melts inside your mouth and accomplshes its mean… satisfy! We went to the theater that night of course to see ¨The phantom of the Opera¨, quite suitable and took a cab back to the hotel. We would just sleep like angels.

On our third day, our most deisred stop: HARROD´S, of course, the food department is a must, I had such a joy buying truffles and tea. And one or two littlw luxuries for me and my family. We took the mini tour towatch over the story about the romance between Lady Diana and Dodi Alfayed. In this Long weekdend ee laughed, we walked, we shared and we loved… after Harrod´s we took our way to St. Pancras heading our way to our Paris adventure; if you plese to, join me for the story in another post!

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