Every time we travel, we have the same issue… shall I get  a big suitcase, or should I get the smaller one, what if things do not fit into the suitcase I am getting with all my shopping… hm… si, I have come up with the best solution, always get a bigger suitcase to transport the smaller which is going to carry the things that I will be needing, so I can fill up the big one with the new things that I am buying from the beautiful places I am going to be visiting…. ok, so I have come up with this little list of things:


This is a list of my favorite suitcase sets, please, check the terms and conditions of this website.


         Samsonite Full Set, which for a complete one time buy it all, you get all the things you need to get packing.


        This set is also a Samsonite, I just loved the materials and the fact, that they are all spinners… Bye bye to the old stiff ones.

and, I even loved the fact that  they do not weight as much as the other brands.


  This set is so basic, elegant, resistant and light weight, by Delsey.


             Ok, so who needs more words than this image?? Not me, this one got me… from Delsey, this one has got more class than we could                                                   expect, the only this is that this beautiful chic color will get my nerves running, but there is always a Scotch Guard solution at hand….


Yep, we can mis and match with this beautiful backpack…. well, yes, I am getting this one on my next shopping spree…


This one bag has more space and  secret compartments than we can imagine, I think I am in love…


This is one of my favorite ones as well, a durable, vintage like duffle… I would take it in a second flat!!!  I just love this kind of leather                                                   goods, in fact, I think that I am addicted to them.


This leather one is also great for short trips, or for the gym, sleepovers and weekend traveling. Big enough for it, but with a lot of space.


          This suitcase organizer comes in lots of colors, now they even include a Laundry-Dirty Things duffle… perfect for me.


. This set is from Shake Pack, I just love the design and the fact that it has a breathable mesh on the top so things just do not get smelly..


   This a little bit more pricey, but the difference is the quality of the materials, design and construction, it is worth it.

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