So, I have decided to write a little about cheese, so yummy, gummy. sticky, some, filled with protein, some others filled with fat, full flavored, or fully textured, tangy, sweeter, creamier… which is which??

YOUNG CHEESES, MATURE CHEESE, HARD, SOFT, TANGY, SWEET, FATTY… OK, So this is not the definite guide for it, but a pretty good look at it, at least, you may know  quite a bit more after reading this….


THE 25 BEST CHEESES IN THE WORLD    according to me

GOUDA: Originally from Holland, we have this cheese made out of cow´s milk. Firm in texture and richest in flavor.

EDAM:  Light and bitter flavor, la bit salty. Originally from the city of Edam, Holland.

MAASDAM: From Holland, as well. High in fat content, Creamy texture, sweet crisp with a light nutty flavor. Fondues and soups are the staple to prepare with this one.

BRIE: French, This one is the king of cheese,Creamy, high in fat content, salty, smooth.  Yes, you live after tasting this one.

CAMEMBERT: French. The best of them, the Camembert Le Chatelain. With a milky sweet flavor,  soft, fatty covered with a white fungus, has a beautiful edible look…..

ROQUEFORT: French, from the favourites of Carlo Magno. Humid, strong  and salty in flavor. It breaks into small pieces and you make it delicious over salads and  soups to give them character.

COMTÉ: French, with a silky texture, flaccid and cristaline, Aromatique in flavor and with a perfect balance on flavor between chestnut and butter with a sweet finale.

EMMENTAL: Swiss cheese, with a sweet aroma, unpasteurized, hard, made out of cow´s milk, fruity with an acid tone.  This one is a perfect wine pairing.

APPENZELLER: Made out of cow´s milk, and filled wit flavor. Special to pair with grapes and crackers.

CHEDDAR: English cheese. Lightly breakable texture, curated and soft, with a high content in fat, while it gets older, the flavor get deeper.

STILTON: One of the best english cheeses, it has been produced only in the regions of Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, and Leicestershire. Its very peculiar blue veins is one its many differences between other mature cheeses, nutty in flavor. Its perfect pairings are with port, cherry and wine with crackers and nuts.

FETA: Greek cheese, made in Macedonia, Tracia, Tesalia, Peloponeso and Lesbos. Made out of Sheep´s  milk.Salty, or tangy, creamy or dry, breakable in soft pieces. Pairs perfectly with: beer, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, and Zinfandel.

HALOUMI: Original from Cyprus, made out of cow´s and sheep´s milk, this cheese falls into the sheeps milk category. This white cheese has a distinctive texture, as of layers, soft and perfect for grilling as it has a high fusion level, this one will not get melting any time soon on your pan…

QUESILLO: Argentinian, With a milky flavor, sweet, pairs as a delicious dessert with honey on top.

PARMESANO REGGIANO: This kind of cheese has to be made from cow´s milk that have been fed with fresh grass in the regions of Parma, Reggio Emilia, Módena, Montua and Bolonia. Its various tastes are well defined, raisins, dried fruit and wine. Hard and sandy in texture. Fruitiful flavor and with a nutty strong aftertaste. Perfect to pair with any italian or Spanish wine, or a soup, risotto, or broiled vegetables.

MOZZARELLA: Fresh in feeling, made out of Bufala milk. Soft taste, silky smooth texture and it can be paired with any kind of food.




GORGONZOLA: This is one blue cheeses most consumed in the world, breaky texture, and a soft nutty flavor. There are many kinds of gorgonzola cheese, such as Gorgonzola Dolce, and Gorgonzola Picante, which is the most natural. It can be served with wines as  Burdeos, Zinfandel & Sauternes.

MASCARPONE: Originally from the region of Lombardia, Its a cream like cheese, with a very soft texture, resembling to cream, approximately with a 75% fat content, mascarpone can be added to any dish, salty or sweet to add texture.

PROVOLONE: From the italian region of Lombardia and Veneto, we have Provolone Dolce and Provolone Piccante, which is matured for more than 4 months. The flavor of this cheese varies pretty much depending on the region which was made.In South America, they call it Provoleta. It has a great quantity of calcium, protein and sodium.It is great to pair with full bodied, matured Red Wines, Spicy food and flat breads.

MONTEREY JACK: Originally from the United States of America, from the franciscan Monks Monastery, made out of cow´s milk. Named after the person that commercialized the recipe in California, received its denomination, and now its used in mexican and spanish cuisine. Tasteful and textured as a cheddar,. Its variations range from Monterey Jack, Pepper Jack and Dry Jack.  Perfect to pair with any full bodied red wine.

CABRALES: This is a bluish fatty cheese made in the peaks of Europe, specifically in the region of Cabrales and Peñamerella in Spain.This cheese is cured from the outside to the inside. Well paired with red wine, fresh figs, ham, sweet sherry and dried charcuterie. It is required to be sold with a greenish aluminum foil with the Denominación de Origen DOP Queso de Cabrales

MANCHEGO: Made in the region of La Mancha in Spain, it is required as well to be sold with the same lettering and with a Wheat figure sealed on top of the cheese. There are many kinds of Manchego, and their taste and texture varied from the time that it has been taken to mature. Semi cured, takes up to 3 months to mature, with a fresh herb, fruity flavor, with a spicy note. Cured, aged for 6 months, it has a caramel  and nut like taste with a light acidity level. Cured, aged for 1 full year, with a flaky texture, and an interior with a caramel color. Sweet and persistent taste.

TETILLA: Typical from the region of Galicia in Spain, this one has its own DOP as well, this cheese has a conical shape resembling a pear, Soft in texture; its color is Ivory, and it has a creamy lightly spicy taste. Its maturity  goes beyond the 10 and 30 days. Pair well with dry sherry, manzanilla and albariño or ribeiro.

IDIAZABAL: Made out of sheep´s milk, matured for a bit less than 2 months, compact in texture, dry, but, crumbly, and pleasantly greasy in the mouth. It is dried near chimneys, for which its very own and special taste goes a bit smoked and sweet, resembling to caramel and bacon. Pairs well with red wine and sidra.

MAHONES: Produced in the region of Mahon in the Island of Menorca. Made out of cow´s milk. Is has a strong texture, hard, with a very penetrating salty flavor, during its aging, it has to be rubbed by hand with pimenton español and oil.  Its aging process goes from 2 to 10 months. There are two kinds of Mahon cheese; Mahon Artesano, which is made out of raw milk and Mahon Reserva, which has to be aged for more time and and its assets go deeper than the artesanal.

So, I hope liked the mini article on my favorite cheeses, hope to see you see you soon.  Don´t forget to subscribe to the newsletter to get your free guide on parties.

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