Organizing your Life!

Organizing your Life!

Hello! So everybody knows now the importance of tidying up and getting things organized. In the past few months, I have seen one of the most incredible movements in our culture and time, organization and tidying up. Years ago I read the The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing from  the World Famous Marie Kondo herself!

I can tell you, it is life changing, IF you want to change things around where you live. I always wanted t be this organized and neat person to get control of everything and live happily ever after, well… I can tell you, it is pretty much close to that imaginary reality of chasing unicorns, but you have to decode your system, and apply it, educate others to follow it, but please, do not forget that this is specially formulated for you to live happy, not to live as a slave of your very own systems.  The funny and interesting thing about systems is that you can relax and get back to them and still be in control, relax for a few days in some areas and then get them together… we need to live here, honey, ok?

There are systems for:

Daily Lives, tidying up your house

Menu Planning and Shopping

Personal Care (Medical)

Household maintenance

Financial Bookkeeping and Saving Plan

Daily and Carrer Planning

Well…. you know precisely what I am going to say…. the sky is the LIMIT!!!

By now, I can only tell you to read this book, you can shop for it in my affiliate link from Amazon and here it delivered right at your door and enjoy it´s writing, it is very easy to read, to understand and to put up to practice!!!  At least, it has worked for me, and I do live, I do not have my house as a military base, we even get to mess up a little! But, the secret is to get back to it.

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