Best Books to Set a Right Path

Best Books to Set a Right Path

HI, have you ever wondered how good o bad you could be doing raising your child with your very own flaws or, have you ever been in awe after watching your kid act like a little you … the Mini Me of the Real Life Story of your Misses?, Well, let´s check out first our very own issues to prevent your kids from hating them and adopting them as well, I have read this book one, twice, and three times… Tu HIjo, Tu Espejo, you can find it in Amazon, or Barnes and Noble and you can have a nice walk and coffee while you check it out.   I really hope for you to have a great parenthood and start enjoying the fruits of happy Parenting, with reality, of course! You can find an english version in Amazon as well, following this affilliate link Your Child, your Mirror and you can have a downloadable version here for english Your Child, Your Mirror, audio so you can hear in the car, as well as if you would like it Kindle version: Your Child, your Mirror, Kindle, spanish version.   Hope you like it, the is no excuse not to read it on the go, read it at home or listen to it while you are driving, alone, please, no kids around! Have a good one, kisses,

-The Cool Housewife

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