Having a Cold? Casi con Gripa?

Having a Cold?  Casi con Gripa?

Ok, so, everytime, when least expected, a cold comes through the way, a fizzling sensation, a terrible headache, a horrendous coughing sensation and you, well, poor you, have everything on a to do list…. ok so, do not hesitate to prepare youself a natural cold remedy with these incredible recipes:



1 liter of  water

5 stars of starred anis

a bunch of leaves

Honey to taste


Put everything to a boil for 5 minutes, get it through a collander and drink it sweetened with honey.

2. Then, you can take a capsule of the magical Sambucol, a natural pill with great tasting flavor and express results.


I always give it to my kids and alternating with a cup of  Grannys Tea.


3. Or get a great refreshing drink, and get an effervescent fizz with the same great Sambucol Effervescent



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