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Ok, so we are about to finich our beloved summer, for summer and sun people like me, I always reccomend a great after care treatment for each sun  session we have, as well as for water session, which, are very different one from the other.

A.  Sun Exposure:

There are two kinds of people in this world, the kind that evades sun, for you today, guys, we have a different scoop… you are very welcome to investigate what sun people do about sun exposure, ( and may apply to care as much for your skin even not damaging it)

Ok, so, sun exposure is healthy, yes, you read ok, healthy, you get to give your body a relaxing time with nature, even if it´s grass or sand, water, or a beautiful garden, reading a book or sipping a Margarita (recipe….? follow me).

Best Exposure times:

From 7:30 where available to 10:00 am  WITH SUNSCREEN

and from 4:00 to 6:30 pm. WITH SUNSCREEN

Guidelines: Sip a lot of fresh water, coconut water or some fruit juice, cold, soda water, well, anything hydrating, at least 1 cup every 30 minutes, stand up, set a watch with alarm and keep turning from side to side. Try to get sun from under a tree shadow, and keep moving, standing up and covering your body from time to time.

After ezach exposure, which is very clever not to expose yourself for more than 40 minutes uninterrupted. For children and babies, you should be very careful not to overexpose for more than 20 minutes all covered in sunscreen AND SHADES, at all times. Cover your kid´s body and remind them to hydrate.

After exposure, you should exfoliate your skin with a very light exfoliator, not in acid form, but in ground dissolving beads, then, hydrate with the best of the best skin quenchers; here is a list of my favourite after sun moisturizers:

Hawaiian Tropic

Sun Bum

Solar Recover

Biotherm Sun care

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